To some may be the newest upcoming gospel artist to hit the scene, but in fact she has been singing since the age of three. (She was born, Andrea Gabrielle Fisher in the small town of Peoria, IL.) Her background stems from rich musical family roots that was first grounded in the melodic tones of Gospel. Reminiscent to her earlier years, she displayed a natural talent for formulating her own musical lyrics. This unique talent astonished many family members and friends. Even then they believed that one day she would be a recording artist. She began to musically blossom , at the age of six, with her sophisticated sounding voice, performing renditions of various R&B and Gospel artist at Talent shows and church.

Upon reaching the maturing age of fifteen, Drea had already made her first local recording called " Get Some Love ", which was debuted on Houston's most popular Christian Radio Stations. A year later she formed a gospel hip hop group named "Clear View", together they created a compilation album called "Money". The notoriety from this musical recording effort allowed the artist to perform as an opening act for other well-known gospel artist and established musical awards ceremonies such as The Stellar Awards Pre-Show Gala.

After the experience of a group, Drea begin to embark on a career as a solo artist. Since then she has fused her gospel roots with hip hop and R&B, and her exposure to a collection of different types and styles of music is vast. She has opened for a number of artist such as: India Arie, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, Lyfe Jennings, Deborah Cox, and 112 to name a few. Drea has also collaborated musically with a variety of local and well-known artists and music labels.

Today, Drea (lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a mother of two girls Kayla and Sky. She is currently working on a Gospel Album which is being produced by her grammy award winning husband John "Jon Jon Traxx" Webb. Drea sings with the conviction of Yolanda Adams, the emotion and soul of Mary J. Blidge, and the tone of Lauren Hill. As an artist sheexpresses a deep sense of personal emotion from the power of music and the ability of her musical style to tell a story that can touch peoples heart through a melodically provocative song experience . Drea believes, it does not matter where you were born, your background, race, social or economical status, we all connect through music. It is her hope to show people in all walks of life Gods LOVE, GRACE, And REDEMPTION through her music.

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#reposT #godslove #spotlight #OurGod #Christ #Christian #Jesus #thankful #blessed

#reposT #godslove #spotlight #OurGod #Christ #Christian #Jesus #thankful #blessed


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